Technological Paradigms for the Modification of Consciousness and Reality in Magick

Stuff that works:

Gods, demons, memetics and the rise of Transhumanism
From hypnosis and NLP to electromagnetic brain stimulation
From lucid dreaming to subliminal conditioning and brainwashing
From mind control to the paranormal
From modern séance techniques to remote viewing and psychokinesis
From science to magick – changing the past and inter-dimensional communications
From UFOs and ultra-terrestrials to computational demonology
And the machines and drugs to make it happen

This is a detailed sampler from my book “TechnoMage” - ISBN: 978-0-9567587-0-5


Chapter 1 Semantics and Spells

Chapter 2 Science and Magick

Chapter 3 Psi and the Occult

Chapter 4 Gods and Daemons

Chapter 5 Hypnosis

Chapter 6 Mind Tools

Chapter 7 Subliminals

Chapter 8 Psi and Science

Chapter 9 The Electromagnetic Domain

Chapter 10 Machines

Chapter 11 The Great Work

Chapter 12 Fermi, Doom and Simulation


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Reviewed by Dave Lee, one of the founders of Chaos Magick.
"In some ways, this might be the most important book on magic published for years. 
It is also highly recommended for anyone who wants new ideas for their magical practice; my copy still bristles with post-it notes, where I've marked things I want to try out. Along with a lot of ideas that force me to think, that is the best sign of all for how good a book is. "

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