Reclaim our Symbols!

It is time for Heathens to stand up and take a stand against individuals or groups who seek to dishonor the meaning of our symbols. Our symbols do not represent racial hatred.

Our symbols have existed for countless centuries free from fear and hate. Unfortunately we have people that seem to get their heads stuck in the 1930’s to 1940’s. These people do not honor our ways, they do not honor our gods, they do not honor our ancestors, and they do not honor our folk of today.

We also have a group of people who believe it is their job to save the world from racists. For these groups to survive they must continually find more racists to justify their own existence. For the past few years these groups have focused on our religion, Asatru. These groups, Center for Human Development, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League, have gone out of their way to bring dishonor to our people. These organizations lie to law enforcement, they lie to the media, and they lie to the people that they represent. These lies have been proven time and time again. The Anti-Defamation League’s decision to list Mjollnir as a Neo-Nazi or generic racist symbol is an insult to our people. It offends almost everyone who is Asatru. This symbols represents what our people are, it is our strength, and it is our protector, a symbol that brings out the best in each and every one of us. It also empowers our people to have the willingness to stand, no matter what the odds are because in the end we will overcome whatever detriment is placed in front of us. Listing our symbols in this manner is unacceptable, trying to list it, as pagan symbols co-opted by racists is so foolish if it wasn’t so sad it would be down right hilarious. It is also an attempt by The Anti-Defamation League to discriminate against Heathens since Christian, Moslem, and Jewish symbols are used by racists but are not included on their lists.

Each time we fall back, each time we capitulate, each time we lose more of what we are. We will fall back no more; we have a right to use our symbols without being associated with fear and hate.

These are our symbols, the symbols are a link to our past and our future, it is our right to use them and we will exercise that right. Our religious symbols are ours, they are not yours, and we will dictate how they will be displayed and how they are going to be used. We will also live with those consequences and take that responsibility. Asatru is not a religion based upon fear and hate.

We are a diverse people; we exist in all walks of life. We are conservatives, we are liberals, and we are moderates. We honor the laws in the lands where we exist and we honor a person right to believe in whatever religion they choose. We honor our elder kin, (the gods of the various Germanic Tribes) and live our lives by some variant of the Nine Noble Virtues, (Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-reliance and Perseverance). We are not a threat to anyone. We look to peacefully live our lives by our own morals and build our religion for our future people.

Creator of the initiative: MICHAEL DODD