Middlesex Hearth

This is a collection of photos from various events

Some regalia
More regalia
Me standing next to the altar
Graham checks his stick!
While our Gothi leans on his...
Ormswald Hof
Another view of the Hof - the sword tree is visible
The rear of the Hof
An interior shot of the roof
Looking towards the door across the fireplace
Looking towards the front
The other wall
And the door
Torch flame closeup
A view of the sword tree from inside
And a close up of the sword and Thor's Hammer

The Kith of Yggdrasil Althing - setting the course
Tents at the other end of the arena - others camped in the forest
Looking across the arena at dawn
A cool drink on a hot day!
Followed by the evening meal which started late
And continued late...