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Reclaiming our Symbols
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Asatru for Atheists Series

What are the Gods?
Dynamic Archetypes
What do we mean by 'Spirit'?
Reincarnation and Rebirth
The Oath and Morality
An Adventure in Psychokenesis
A Theory of 'Magick'
Casting a Spell – Etymology and magick

Other Asatru Essays

Asatru and Genetic Engineering
Fair Weather Warriors
Hearth and Kith
A Life
On Tolerance
Battle Hymn of Odin
Zen Asatru
Meeting Freya

Middlesex Hearth- this is essentially a collection of photos


Fractal Eternity
The Goddess, part one
The Goddess, part two
Easter Insight


An Asatru Wedding in Norway - Solstice 2002 - A landmark in Asatru history
And Summer Solstice 2003 at Ormswald

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