Dream of the Goddess Part Two

I was a child playing with a friend in a stream that had become blocked or dammed ( the word could also be damned ). As the water level rose he suggested we get out in case we drowned or the dam burst and we were swept away. I refused and let the rising water carry me higher and higher.

Suddenly the dam did burst and the water started rushing away, but instead of being carried away I laughed and braced myself against the banks to show him how easy it was to control. I then let go and dropped into the torrent and allowed myself to be carried off.

I washed up into a garden, and the other person had become some kind of dark elemental force. The other children I was playing with came from the house a short distance away. The stream flowed through their garden. I was warned by them not to stay at night because that was when the 'monster' came out.

It transpired that it was a powerful entity that mirrored our deepest wishes and desires and made them come true. So, a group of us got together to control it. One of us, me probably, wanted the plans for building a starship. Others chipped in with desires to raise money for the project. Meanwhile, the monster took on the likeness of a famous rock star on television.

We were beginning to acquire massive power when the mother of our friend who lived at the house, Mary (my life has been full of women called Mary), tried to stop us, or at least tried to make us understand what we were doing and control things which were starting to get out of hand. As she tried to do this reality disintegrated and the mother was tricked or deluded into playing out the role of a persecutor of witches, symbolised by her having to burn a chicken alive. At this point we were also watching the rock star on television explaining all the personal problems he had been having with drink, drugs and so forth.

The force then became this rock star and we all realised that he had to be banished from our group because he was evil. To do this we began chanting something that rapidly turned into the words 'we must banish the faults in ourselves', whereupon reality was reinstated for the twelve of us standing in the gallery of the house. Only now the house had become a cathedral. Amongst the twelve of us gathered there was the rock star, who was very surprised to be still included.

So we decide to continue with the Starship project, using the rock star's money and our pooled resources. As we look out through the windows of the church we see the stars shimmer in the drive fields as we travel. The church has become the Starship. We land in a great palace that I recognise as Minoan Crete. I walk past a giant life size chessboard populated with exotic pieces modelled upon the Egyptian gods. As I walk towards the great hall I feel a massive disappointment. I am not a star traveller from Twenty First century Earth, I am merely a lowly servant of The King, one who has been dreaming. As I go to meet Him I am told that we twelve are all much greater than we think. We are all as gods in His service.