Dream Goddess Part One

I find myself in utter darkness, floating in a void of infinite magnitude. Yet there is something here... a monstrous black consciousness that utterly dwarfs me. The terror upon meeting it is absolute, and I try to escape. The terror is such that I awake screaming. It is not that the black entity was actively hostile in any defined way, but the terror came from the realisation of my insignificance compared to it in a way that cannot be described.

The second dream of the same period was almost the exact opposite. I am standing in the gallery of a long hall looking out over the floor. To my left and right, materialising at one end and dematerialising at the other, are balls and discs of light silently but rapidly flying the length of the hall. I turn, and a woman is standing next to me smiling and radiant in a kind of Middle Eastern dress or robe. She holds out her hand and as the first two fingers touch mine there is an explosion of joy and love and power. I awake in an almost ecstatic state, one that persists for several days.