A Wedding in Norway

A record of the wedding of Nik and Morag in Oslo Norway on Solstice 2002, performed by Foreningen Forn Sed

This is an extremely important event in the modern history of our faith. It is the first time in 1000 years that there has been an officially sanctioned Heathen Wedding in Norway (sanctioned by the Royal Children and Familly Department). The last would have been before Olav the Wellpisser crushed the last Heathens in 1030AD. It made the national newspapers in Norway.

I count myself very fortunate that I was there to witness and participate. I also consider it an auspicious sign that it was an international event with participants from both Northern and Southern hemispheres - a global event. (Nik is the Gothi and Founder of the New Zealand Asatru Fellowship).

I made four toasts as the mead bowl passed four times.

To Nik, Morag and their son Agnar - long life and happiness
To Thor
To Foreningen Forn Sed from the Middlesex Hearth
To the Alfar of the land

Nik, Morag and the Gythia who will perform the ceremony
The Oath is taken holding the Oath Ring
Nik, Morag and their son Agnar
Party on the beach
More partying...
The couple relax by the fire
The Sky at about 22:00
And another sky shot near midnight

and on our travels in Norway and Sweden...

The family in an ancient house
A reconstructed bronze age village
We made an offering in the lake
Travelling through a forest
To visit a Dolmen and offer mead in memory of the ancestors and Alfar
A rock carving of Odin
Odin hangs on the tree
A Stave Church - remove the crosses and it is once again Heathen
And its associated house