NeoPax Earth

Knowledge of God is my Capital;
Reason is the Root of my Faith;
Love is my Foundation;
Enthusiasm is my Horse;
Remembrance of my God is my Friend;
Firmness is my Treasure;
Sorrow is my companion;
Science is my Weapon;
Patience is my Mantle;
Contentment is my Booty;
Poverty is my Pride;
Devotion is my Art;
Conviction is my Power;
Truth is my Redeemer;
Obedience is my Sufficiency;
Struggle is my Manner;
And My Pleasure is in my Prayers.


Zero State
Zero State Point of Presence - Bedford, UK

OneTribe Radio Show OneTribe – My radio show on ResonanceFM, archives in MP3

Dirk BruereDirk Bruere – and here's a picture of me taken in May 2005 and in 2011 



LinksTechnoMage  Technological paradigms for the modification of Reality in Consciousness and Magick

Links Zero State  The fusion of Transhumanist ideas with philosophy, art, religion, politics and economics. People DOING stuff, and how it started for me and Fiona

LinksThe Praxis (The Trancendent Human Praxis) - A transcendent  theology of the temporal and spiritual

LinksThe Wave Chronicle - The magazine of Zero State and Wave

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